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By | March 31, 2016

St. Petersburg, Russia was a fantastic experience!  It all started when I was invited to participate in the conference with the following letter:

V International Symposium

“Interaction of the nervous and immune

  systems in health and disease”

  June 23-26   2015  Saint Petersburg Russia

  E-mail: nim_spb2015@mail.ru

 Web: http://www.iemrams.spb.ru/english/nim2015eng.htm

Saint Petersburg, June 4, 2015

Ms. Trudy Heil

Autoimmunity Research Foundation

Dear Ms. Heil,

We have a pleasure to confirm that you have been invited to participate in the V International symposium “Interaction of the nervous and immune systems in health and disease” which will be held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia on June 23 – June 26, 2015. Your poster presentation “CLINICAL OBSERVATION OF IMMUNOSTIMULATION IN CHRONIC NERVOUS AND IMMUNE DISORDERS” (No. 6) will take place June 24, 2015 at the Poster Session (13-35 – 16-40).

Poster dimensions – 120 (h) x 90(w) cm.

The Symposium venue is the Institute of Experimental Medicine.

Address: 69-71 Kamennoostrovski pr., St.-Petersburg

Tel. (812)234-0764; Fax (812)234-9493


Prof. Helen A. Korneva

Co-Chairperson of the Organizing Committee


2015 Russia Poster

2015 Russia Poster

NP Heil’s first scientific poster presentation was created in response to the above invitation and she opened a series of study results by describing her cohort. Each member of the cohort came with multiple diagnoses under multiple specializations of current medical practice.

These diagnoses are represented in three groups:

  1. Endocrine, hormonal, hematological, and metabolic
  2. Autoimmune, chronic inflammatory, cancer
  3. Neurological, psychiatric

Of the three groups represented, the neurological/psychiatric group emerged for accuracy of the full diagnoses in patient profiles but was considered initially as an add-on, and partially in response to growing literature on comorbidities in psychiatric conditions, even through the medical industry traditionally has divided psychiatric and somatic treatments with individual treatments and expectations for long range management. But when immune stimulation treatment began for this cohort,03_NeuroPsychThyroid-Comorbidity it became increasingly clear that immune stimulation addressed psychiatric comorbidities with an almost triage-like priority over somatic recovery. Not only were psychiatric conditions subject to immune stimulation and recovery like somatic recovery, but with a truncated timeline when partnering with the body’s immune function for a slightly quicker recovery than somatic recovery, as seen with an earlier final downward swoop.

05_NeuroPsychThyroid-ComorbidityWhen seen in the full comorbidity wheel, all three groups compiled together on the main chart with all groups linked to all cormorbidities identified in the cohort, the dominant overlaps and cross diagnoses with diagnosed conditions emerge in this informative cohort wheel. The most connected comorbidities, when viewed on this chart, point to thyroiditis, anxiety and depression. This is a remarkable new discovery in this small cohort that begs for further research in larger studies. Dr. Amy Proal’s comorbidity wheel chart from PubMed article comorbidities inspired this study’s closer look at inter-related diagnoses and so Dr. Proal’s chart is also featured on the 2015 St. Petersburg, Russia poster for comparison. NP Heil’s cohort did not include some diagnoses in the Dr. Proal wheel, so these are grey text on NP Heil’s wheels.

NP Heil is seen next to the 2015 scientific poster presentation. The comorbidity wheel chart from Dr Proal’s PubMed research sits at left to the NP Heil study cohort wheel for direct comparison. Smaller, separated subgroups of the NP Heil cohort are revealed at right to describe the three distinct diagnoses groups separately within smaller specialized comorbidity spectrums.

2015 Poster Presentation St Petersburg, Russia.

2015 Poster Presentation St Petersburg, Russia.

Additional charts on the poster show cohort progression with immune suppression prior to beginning immune stimulation treatment. This study is unique in that it also captures patient data at the point some of the cohort had noticed they were not recovering with the standard of care using palliative immune suppression and as they transitioned to immune stimulation, opting to replace known suppression treatment outcomes. The recovery process in this cohort is captured with both objective test markers and regularly-submitted subjective 1-10 scale reporting for the duration of the study. The cohort also were involved in local face-to-face support groups as well as online support for a full participatory model of health care.

Candid portrait of Trudy with Pavlov.

Candid portrait of Trudy with Pavlov.

Of course, St. Petersburg is the place to be seen with the famous Dr Pavlov at the very time NP Heil took the time to present her scientific poster presentation evidence series in the greater arena of the medical industry.

Trudy is also seen with Dr. Trevor Marshall at the 2015 conference in St. Petersburg as they enter the gala banquet, and when seeing the sights in St. Petersburg on Segways.

2015 Gala Banquet in St Petersburg Russia

2015 Gala Banquet in St Petersburg Russia


Segways tour of St Petersburg Russia

Segways tour of St Petersburg Russia


Church of the Spilt Blood

Church of the Spilt Blood